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About our curriculum

Curriculum is derived from the Latin word currere and our curriculum is therefore the ‘path’ we want our children to take on their journey with us through All Saints.

We want to stimulate children’s natural curiosity through our knowledge-based curriculum and encourage each and every child in our care to develop a passion and a love for learning. We want our children to not only be inspired by what they are taught, but also to be able to inspire others with what they can do.

With our literacy-rich approach across the curriculum, we seek to encourage all our children to be confident, critical thinkers who are reflective about their own learning and open to the idea of challenge and new possibilities.

We aim to guide all our children towards becoming compassionate, responsible individuals who respect and celebrate the cultural diversity of their local community and the wider world around them.

Please follow the subject links to learn more about our fantastic curriculum. If you require any further information, please email, and your message will be passed on to our curriculum lead.

Further information

You can find a full description of our curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the Curriculum Statement below. Parents and carers can also find out more about the National Curriculum by clicking on the following link: