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At All Saints Junior School, we strive to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and the people within it. We want them to use this curiosity to develop a greater knowledge of the world around them, and an understanding of their own place in it.

For that reason, we have chosen to use Pearson Primary Geography to form the core basis of our curriculum. We believe it allows our children to gain a thorough insight into diverse places, people, resources and both natural and human environments.

Each year group studies three different topics over the course of the year. These units are a meticulously planned series of lessons, underpinned by the best evidence about how children learn, and are intelligently sequenced to ensure that key knowledge is retained and developed over time. They also ensure progressive coverage of the knowledge, understanding and skills required by the National Curriculum.

The content develops contextual knowledge of globally significant places and understanding of the processes that give rise to key physical and human geographical features of the world. The lessons are intended to improve children’s geographical vocabulary, map skills and geographical facts, while providing opportunities for varied consolidation and challenge to ensure interest and progress in the subject.

Through our Pledge and our progressive Bushcraft programme, children also have the opportunity to apply geographical skills in the local area. From identifying trees to using compasses and setting up camp in an appropriate location, our children can apply geographical skills alongside our knowledge-rich geography curriculum.

You can find a full description of our geography curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the geography curriculum document at the bottom of this page.