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School lunches

The canteen service at All Saints Junior School is run by independent local supplier Crumbs.   

The company works with an award-winning nutritionist to create new seasonal four-week menus each term, with nutritional, delicious & balanced meals. Their menus can cater for many different food allergies and dietary needs. For an overview of all Crumbs recipes and allergies, visit the Crumbs website:

The menu for this term can be found at the bottom of this page.

Packed lunches

Children who do not wish to have a school meal can bring a packed lunch instead. Parents and carers are asked to ensure that they are providing their child with a nutritionally balanced lunch that does not include sweets, chocolate or sugary drinks. For more guidance about what makes a healthy packed lunch, take a look at our Packed Lunch and Healthy Eating Policy on the Policies page of this website.

Some children bring a packed lunch for very specific reasons, including special dietary requirements or food allergies, and religious observance, so do please remind your child that it is important they do not swap or share their food with other children.