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At All Saints Junior School, we want to stimulate children’s natural curiosity through our knowledge-based history curriculum and encourage each and every child in our care to develop a passion and a love for learning about the past. Where they are not only able to gain a better understanding of their own place in the present, but feel empowered and inspired by their role in building a better future.

With our literacy-rich approach using the Pearson Primary History we seek to encourage all our children to be confident, critical thinkers, who are reflective about the complex lessons we can learn from history. We aim to guide all our children towards becoming compassionate, responsible individuals, who respect and celebrate the cultural diversity of Britain and the wider world, which we owe to the people and events of the past who have shaped our world today.

Our history curriculum has been designed to ensure every child: 

  • Gains a coherent, chronological understanding of the history of Britain and the wider world.
  • Develops a rich vocabulary grounded in historical terminology.
  • Understands historical concepts and uses these to make historical enquiries through analysis, questioning and making connections using time, place, motive and context.
  • Has the unique assessment opportunity to apply their historical understanding to an analytical essay that employs critical thinking.
  • Has opportunities to explore local history through our pledge, which weaves itself through our history curriculum.
  • Is able to deepen their historical understanding across our wider, synergistic curriculum.

You can find a full description of our history curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the document below.