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At All Saints Junior School, we strive to inspire our children’s curiosity about the people and events of the past – quite simply, we want our children to love history!

For that reason, we have chosen to use Pearson Primary History to form the core basis of our curriculum, as we believe it allows our children to gain a thorough and coherent knowledge and understanding of both Britain’s past and of the wider world through its rich content.

Each year group studies three different topics over the course of the year. The units are formed from a meticulously planned series of lessons, underpinned by the best evidence about how children learn, and are intelligently sequenced to ensure that key knowledge is retained and developed over time. They also ensure progressive coverage of the knowledge, understanding and skills required by the National Curriculum.

The content aims to develop historical skills and concepts (which are transferable to whatever period of history is being studied) and will equip children for future learning.

Through our Pledge, children also have the opportunity to see and study history in the local area, linked to units of learning. Year 4, when studying Roman Britain, visit the local Roman ruins at Silchester to see this exciting period of history brought to life so close to home. When studying the Medieval Monarchs unit, the Year 5 children visit Reading Abbey to see how our town was shaped by this period of history. They also visit Reading Museum to explore how our town has changed throughout history.

You can find a full description of our history curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the document below.